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Back to School: Cafeteria Lunches

We’ve been following a trend that we hope will become a national food revolution. Improving the quality of food is only part of the equation. A new national study by the School Nutrition Association finds that most students don’t have enough time in their lunch period to actually eat their lunches. Nanci Hellmich of USA Today reports that once students wash their hands, go to the restroom, wait in line for food, and find a seat, many have only 10 or 15 minutes left to eat.

As school lunches become healthier, we must take into consideration that healthy food simply takes longer to eat than junk food. Think about it: you’re unlikely to scarf down a salad as fast as you can inhale a bag of chips. Plus, eating slowly is better for the digestive system and may mean eating less, since it takes time to digest food and realize you’ve become full. Time is another dimension of the school lunch food revolution that shouldn’t be ignored.

Read more about the time crunch here.

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