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Keeping Your Kiddos Busy

Are your little ones out for the holidays yet?  Need some ideas for how to keep them active and busy this holiday season?  Look no further, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you right here!

1. Our favorite idea (of course) is to get your kids cooking in the kitchen with you.  Are you preparing a large holiday meal for your friends and family?  Why not get your little ones to help?  They can name the dishes, create place cards, and of course, assist with the cooking!

2. We can’t stop thinking about all of the winter fun we have going ice skating!  Does your city have an outdoor ice skating rink?

3. If you’ll be working over the holidays, set up a play date schedule with other parents.  Each day, one parent can take all of the kids to the park, zoo, museum, etc.  You’ll get the relief you need, but also some quality time with your little one and his or her friends when it’s your turn!

Do you have other ideas for us?  Share them on our facebook page!

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