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Are You Working With A Picky Eater?

We’ve been chatting with plenty of parent’s of picky eaters lately.  If your kids are picky eaters, this may be the news you’ve been waiting for! Cornell University recently published a study differentiating the eating preferences between children and their parents.

According to the study, children and their parents have different food presentation preferences.  The study found differences in these presentation categories: number of food components and colors on a plate, the position of the main part of the meal on a plate, a crowded plate versus an empty plate, how a plate was organized and how a plate was designed.

Turns out children prefer for their plates to be more full near the bottom of their plates with some design or pattern.  Children also prefer for their plates to be full of colors and different components or foods (up to 6 or 7 colors and components).

For parents of picky eaters, keep this in mind the next time you’re serving your kiddos a meal!

For more on this study, click here.

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