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Eat Together As A Family

Does you family cook and eat together regularly? While families seem to be busier and busier, there are some seriously awesome benefits of eating together as a family. We absolutely love this WebMD article we stumbled across and hope that this will inspire your family to cook and eat together more consistently.

Most notably, younger children who share meals with their families, are far less likely to be overweight than their peers.  Here are some other major benefits the article highlights:

  • Each family member is able to eat a healthier meal.
  • Kids are less likely to end up smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and doing other drugs.
  • Kids who eat with their families will have better grades and focus in school.
  • As a family, everyone will bond and talk more openly and often.
  • As a parent, you’ll be more likely to hear about serious issues your children are having.
  • Your children will feel like you’re proud of them and enjoy the time you share together.
  • Eating together as a family lends itself to a stress and tension-free home.

Let us know if you eat as a family and why you think it’s so important!

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