Handstand Kids

Language Lesson

Since your Handstand Kids are done with school for the summer, take this opportunity to get their intellectual juices flowing. We have a simple language lesson that shows you how to say the words for some common utensils in Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Measuring Spoon

  • Spanish – Taza de Medir
  • Italian – Dosatrice
  • Chinese – Liang bei


  • Spanish – Espatula
  • Italian – Spatola
  • Chinese – Gua chan


  • Spanish – Cuenco (large – grande, medium – mediana, small – pequena)
  • Italian – Piatti Fondi (large – grande, medium – medio, small – piccolo)
  • Chinese – Wan (large – da, medium- jung, small – shiau)


  • Spanish – Tenedor
  • Italian – Forchetta
  • Chinese – Can cha


  • Spanish – Plato
  • Italian – Piatto
  • Chinese – Pan zi

Did you know that you can buy some of these items in our Cookbook kits?

Try labeling these items in your kitchen to practice learning the words when you’re cooking. If you’re going to try this idea out make sure to post pictures to our Facebook and Twitter.




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