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Have A Healthy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! One of a child’s favorite parts of Halloween is going trick-or-treating in their costumes to collect candy. But how can you help your kids have a healthier Halloween without taking┬átake the fun out of the “treat” part of the holiday? Take a look at these tips for a happy, healthy holiday!

  • Feed your kids a big healthy meal before taking them out trick-or-treating, that way they’ll be less hungry for candy later!
  • Instead of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, hand out other snacks they are sure to enjoy such as rice crispy treats, popcorn, yogurt covered raisins or even trail mix!
  • Try handing out little toys and knickknacks to trick-or-treaters like stickers, bubbles, temporary tattoos or even SillyBandz!
  • Moderation is key, limit the amount of candy both you and your kids get each day. Freeze some of it and take it out only on Sundays as a treat. You may also want to donate or give some of it away!
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