Handstand Kids

Help Us Give the Gift That Keeps Kids Growing: Good Nutrition!

The Handstand Kids family is proud to be championing a very worth cause this holiday season! We’re thrilled to partner with Future Fortified, a global nutrition campaign, to help provide valuable nutrition to children and families in Bangladesh. From December 4th to December 31st, 20% of all proceeds from our online store will be donated to Future Fortified. So explore the great holiday gifts available on our site, from cookbook kits to chef hats and more, then enter the code “GivingFortified” upon checkout to help children in Bangladesh grow and thrive!

Did you know malnutrition rates in Bangladesh are among the highest in the world? Millions of parents are unable to provide their children with the essential vitamins and minerals they need and this poor nutrition causes irreversible physical damage, lower IQs, and deadly disease. Future Fortified helps women and children by providing easy access to these essential nutrients through simple home nutrition packets. With these packets, moms worldwide can sprinkle vitamins onto children’s meals for pennies a day, helping them grow into strong, healthy and happy kids.

Handstand Kids strives to educate children and families about the culture and cuisines of other countries through cooking. We’re passionate about all things related to kids, food, and health, so our partnership with Future Fortified is only natural. We hope you’re as excited as we are that your holiday shopping at Handstand Kids can help fortify the future for children in Bangladesh!

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