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Yum for Kids: Food & Fun Magazine Feature!

Yvette Garfield and Handstand Kids Cookbooks were featured in this month’s issue of Yum for Kids: Food & Fun Magazine! The article talks about how the holiday time can be an opportunity to explore other the traditions of other cultures with your kids! With that in mind, make sure to check out our online store to do your holiday shopping, our cookbooks make for great gifts!

Halloween Costume Contest

With Halloween just around the corner and countless costume options available, we want to encourage you to get creative! Until November 1st, we’ll be holding a Handstand Kids Costume Contest! To enter, post a photo of your Handstand Kid wearing his or her most imaginative Halloween costume to the Handstand Kids Facebook page. We’ll feature your photos on Facebook and on November 2nd, we will select one lucky winner!The most creative costume will win a copy of our fabulous Handstand Kids Baking Cookbook! We can’t wait to see those imaginations run wild, good luck!!

Celebrate National Pizza Month

The month of October is National Pizza Month!! Pizza doesn’t always have to be unhealthy, take a look at this awesome recipe from our Italian Handstand Kids Cookbook!

To make National Pizza Month extra fun, let your kids’ creativity roam free when arranging and decorating your pizzas! Let us know what fun you have with pizza this month via Facebook or Twitter!

Childhood Obesity

An infographic is a visually appealing representation of information. The infographic below was recently released by the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and shows some alarming statistics about childhood obesity. Did you know that one in five children are obese or overweight by the time that they enter school? Read on to find out more.

What can you do when faced with these staggering statistics? Encourage your children to become healthy Handstand Kids and create their own meals! Instead of going to McDonald’s for lunch, try making these Panini’s from our Handstand Kids Italian Cookbook.

If you’ve got other ways to be healthy, post to our Facebook and Twitter!

Keeping Kids Healthy

Your kids are done with school for a few months but don’t let them sit in front of the TV all day! Handstand Kids love to cook of course, but they also exercise to make sure that they’re healthy and fit! Try some of these ideas to get off the couch and outdoors this summer!

  • Playing tag
  • Playing Hide-n-go-seek
  • Slip-n-slide (yes, the running around gets your heart going!)
  • Go swimming
  • Ride your bike, scooter or skateboard
  • Playing any sport – soccer, basketball, baseball, field hockey

If you’re getting up to exercise, make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water! Also make sure to post pics of your active summer fun to our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Books and Cookies LA

Special Events you won’t want to miss: The Handstand Kids Cooking Club starts Monday July 9th! Books and Cookies LA is a bakery and children’s bookstore in Santa Monica, CA. This enrichment center offers a wonderful selection of books for children of all ages, learning toys and a delicious array of freshly baked cookies, healthy snacks and beverages. See times below for where and when to meet!

Parent & Me Cooking Club

July 9th – July 30th

Mondays 2pm – 3pm

Ages 2-5

Big Kids Cooking Club

July 9th – July 30th

Mondays 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Ages 5+

All meetings will be at Books and Cookies 2230 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA.

We’re so happy to have partnered with Books and Cookies! Be sure to “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Food Allergies

Up to one out of every nine food exposures causing allergic reactions in kids is non-accidental, with parents and other caretakers purposefully giving their children known food triggers, a new study brought to our attention by ABC suggests.

In order to take extra precautions with your children, make sure that you:

  • Take extreme vigilance in checking over ingredient labels of foods that you bring home
  • Look at the frequency and circumstances of food reactions and avoid those foods
  • Go back to your allergist before re-introducing a food back into your child’s diet even if you think that they have outgrown their allergy

Healthy kids are happy kids! Happy kids are Handstand Kids! So keep these tips in mind and stay safe and healthy!

Eating As A Family

Eating together as a family is very important, especially for younger children. Since Handstand Kids already enjoy being in the kitchen, make sure to also teach them that it is important to get together as a family. So many lessons can be learned around the table and here are a few great takeaways.

  • Communication
    • Sharing a meal provides a comfortable setting that allows children a time to talk. Discuss family issues and your day-to-day activities in an environment that puts everyone in the mood to talk!
  • Encourage healthy eating
    • Use your handstand kids cookbooks to create a yummy, kid friendly meal that they can help prepare! Eating in vastly reduces your calorie intake, and you know that your kids are not ingesting any unnecessary additives.
  • Helps promote proper etiquette
    • Kids are great at mimicking and by demonstrating proper table manners you can show them how to behave at the table
  • Embrace traditions, old and new
    • Remember and pass down old family recipes and also create new family favorites with the recipes from the Handstand Kids Cookbook. Try this recipe for Beef and Broccoli from our Handstand Kids Chinese Cookbook!

Make sure that you post pictures of your family enjoying a meal – whether or not you use a Handstand Kids recipe to our Facebook and Twitter!


You’re Invited

Cookbooks & Cupcakes For a Cause!

Join us for the tastiest party of the year.

Our very own, Yvette Garfield,  and two-time Cupcake Wars winner and recipe contributor, Arleen Scavone, are excited to introduce the newest cookbook from the Handstand Kids line, Baking Around the World!

Who: Foodies, Big and Small

What: Release Party for the Handstand Kid’s Baking Around the World, featuring recipes by Sweet Arleen’s

When: April 28th, 2012 from 1 to 4 p.m.

Where: Sweet Arleen’s Cupcakes & Bread Puddings

960 South Westlake Blvd Suite #4

Westlake Village, CA 91631

Benefitting: Coach Art, an LA area non-profit that assists students with chronic illnesses as they heal through artwork. 10% of all book sales on April 28th will benefit Coach Art.

RSVP to make sure we save you a spot in the cupcake-decorating face-off!

*children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult

For questions regarding event: info@handstandkids.com or 818 917 7200

Those in attendance will receive a $5 coupon to be used on site towards a signed Handstand Kids Baking cookbook kit.

Hope to see everyone there!!

We’re Thrilled to Announce our Baking Around the World Cookbook Kit

If you haven’t heard already or seen it on our website or Facebook wall, here’s your chance to hear it straight from us! We’ve just announced the newest addition to our line and fourth cookbook kit, Baking Around the World, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

We hope you all love the book as much as we do and enjoy baking together with your kids.  We’re also excited to share that our Celebrity of the Month, Arleen Scavone, from Sweet Arleen’s in Westlake Village has contributed four amazing dessert recipes to the cookbook!

Click here to find the kit in our online store and snag a copy of your own!!

Let’s get baking!