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Chocolate Improves Health

So, chocolate can improve health and boost weight loss.  This is something we can get behind!  We learned about 10 terrific health benefits chocolate provides from this Huffington Post Healthy Living article and would like to share them with all of you!

  1. Chocolate decreases risk of stroke.
  2. Chocolate can boost heart health.
  3. Chocolate is filling!
  4. Chocolate may protect against Diabetes.
  5. Chocolate protects your skin.
  6. Chocolate can soothe bad coughs.
  7. Chocolate helps boost your mood!
  8. Chocolate improves blood flow.
  9. Chocolate can improve eyesight.
  10. Chocolate enhances brain activity.

Who’s craving chocolate now? We are!!

Active Video Games Aren’t The Answer

Wow! We just read this shocking article on the NPR Health Blog, reporting that children who play “active video games” aren’t actually exercising more often.

A recent study done in Houston by Pediatrics journal, took 78 children between the ages of 9 and 12 and gave half “active” video games like Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Sports, while the other half were given “non-active” games like Madden.  Surprisingly, the study found that the children who were given the “active” games weren’t exercising any more than the children who weren’t playing active games.

The doctor leading the study had two possible explanations for why these kids weren’t engaging in exercise more.

  1. Because the children had already “exercised” while playing their games, they may have been less inclined to exercise later in the day.
  2. The children may not have exhibited a lot of effort while playing their games, and thus, weren’t staying very active.

He suggested that if these “active” video games had more of a story line, the kids playing them may be more inclined to work harder, and thus, exercise harder.

What are your thoughts?

America’s Struggle With Childhood Obesity

According to a recent report from CNN, the childhood obesity problem in the US is not getting any better.  In fact, not only are the students getting larger, but now furniture, clothing and more is expanding to support these children.

According to the CDC, 17% of children are obese and 1 in 3 kids are obese or overweight. We were terrified to see the report mention that the rate of childhood obesity has risen so much that pediatricians say growth charts no longer are applicable to today’s youth.

This article continues to describe new companies that sell adjustable desks for larger students, larger chair options and more.  Unfortunately offering these larger options to students often times leaves them feeling different and as if they’re being called out.

What do you think about the rising issue of childhood obesity?

Eat Together As A Family

Does you family cook and eat together regularly? While families seem to be busier and busier, there are some seriously awesome benefits of eating together as a family. We absolutely love this WebMD article we stumbled across and hope that this will inspire your family to cook and eat together more consistently.

Most notably, younger children who share meals with their families, are far less likely to be overweight than their peers.  Here are some other major benefits the article highlights:

  • Each family member is able to eat a healthier meal.
  • Kids are less likely to end up smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and doing other drugs.
  • Kids who eat with their families will have better grades and focus in school.
  • As a family, everyone will bond and talk more openly and often.
  • As a parent, you’ll be more likely to hear about serious issues your children are having.
  • Your children will feel like you’re proud of them and enjoy the time you share together.
  • Eating together as a family lends itself to a stress and tension-free home.

Let us know if you eat as a family and why you think it’s so important!

Are You Working With A Picky Eater?

We’ve been chatting with plenty of parent’s of picky eaters lately.  If your kids are picky eaters, this may be the news you’ve been waiting for! Cornell University recently published a study differentiating the eating preferences between children and their parents.

According to the study, children and their parents have different food presentation preferences.  The study found differences in these presentation categories: number of food components and colors on a plate, the position of the main part of the meal on a plate, a crowded plate versus an empty plate, how a plate was organized and how a plate was designed.

Turns out children prefer for their plates to be more full near the bottom of their plates with some design or pattern.  Children also prefer for their plates to be full of colors and different components or foods (up to 6 or 7 colors and components).

For parents of picky eaters, keep this in mind the next time you’re serving your kiddos a meal!

For more on this study, click here.

5 Foods You Can Keep Around In 2012

We recently stumbled upon this WebMD article and were thrilled with the news we read! We know a lot of folks are trying to lose weight, get in shape and be healthy in the New Year; weight loss is always one of the New Year’s Resolutions leaders. But, according to the article, 5 typically thrown out foods actually aren’t so bad for you after all.

Consider keeping these around in 2012:

1. Beef – While cholesterol levels are tied to heart health (and heart disease is the number one killer of both sexes in the states), and beef is known to increase cholesterol, this actually isn’t true.  Try a lean beef, such as sirloin, for an equally heart-healthy balanced diet.

2. Roasted Nuts – Apparently roasted nuts are just as good for you as plain old nuts.  Just be sure to watch out for the salt content, because roasted nuts can be heavy on this.

3. Chocolate – Our personal favorite! Did you know that an ounce a day of chocolate can also can improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood flow.

4. Whole eggs – Contrary to popular belief, whole eggs aren’t dangerous to your heart’s health.  While they are heavy in cholesterol, the yolk contains powerful antioxidants that can keep the cholesterol from turning into a more harmful form.

5. Coffee – We all know that coffee has been blamed for a lot of our health woes, from cancer to heart disease. BUT, coffee was found to be the number one source of antioxidants that Americans consume.  Keep it up, US of A!

Hope you were as pleased with this knowledge as we were!


New Year’s Resolutions At Handstand Kids

We’re taking our New Year’s Resolutions pretty seriously this year!

Yvette Garfield, founder of Handstand Kids, wants to do this in the new year:
-Try more exotic fruits
-Have a friends potluck dinner once a month

Ruth Lerdahl, Yvette’s right-hand-woman, aims to do these things in the new year:
-Go hiking
-Volunteer in her neighborhood
-Explore new areas of Los Angeles and California
-Hear more live music
-Plan more get-togethers with friends

Have you come up with yours yet? Happy almost 2012!

Yvette Stops By Southern Living

Yvette stopped by Southern Living earlier this month! Watch the video below for some holiday cooking tips. Don’t forget to get your kiddos in the kitchen with you this holiday season!

Thanks for watching, ya’ll!

Yvette On Kababayan LA TV

We’re thrilled that Yvette had the chance to be on Kababayan LA TV last week! Watch the video below to see all of the products Yvette recommends for holiday gifts!


Thanks for letting us share Handstand Kids with your viewers, Kababayan LA!

And remember, if you use coupon code, HOLIDAY, you can get 25% off your online purchases!

Yvette On The Go

Our very own, Yvette, visited KCAL 9 studios yesterday and made a healthy and easy holiday meal.  Be sure to watch the video and learn how to make Italian popcorn, Mexican salad and Chinese spring rolls!

Have a great weekend!