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Meet Delaney!  She LOVES Handstand Kids and cooking!  Her favorite recipes are ones that she can be creative with like paninis and smoothies, because she can change the recipes to suit what she has available in the kitchen to use. She can even individualize the recipes to incorporate someone’s favorite ingredients – it’s like art in the kitchen!

Her whole family enjoys cooking, so she has grown up in a creative, healthy and fun cooking environment since birth and loves cooking with her family and friends!  Thanksgiving and family dinners are favorite times for her because she can cook right next to her mom, dad, nana, and friends and they all get to learn and help each other.

Delaney also likes encouraging healthy eating!  Last year at her elementary school, she created two fun programs for her 4th grade class.  First, she made a chart and rewarded her classmates with stars for bringing healthy snacks to school!  It was a fun way for her classmates to encourage their parents and each other to pack healthy snacks!  The second and most fun program was the “Healthy Choice” program.  Each week, a student would take a turn asking the class which is a healthier choice.  For example, if you go to McDonalds and have to pick a side menu item to go with your lunch, should you choose French fries or the apple slices?  That student would also teach the class why the choices are best and explain calorie counts and nutritional benefits of their choices.  Everyone would then get to sample the healthy choice!  How fun!

A favorite recipe Delaney would like to share with the other Handstand Kids is her healthy fruit parfait.  She loves this recipe because when she has a friend over for a playdate or sleepover, they can make it together and can have it for breakfast, a snack or even dessert!  And of course, she loves that she can change the recipe to add different fruits for each person she is cooking for:

Delaney’s Fruit Yumminess

What you need (for 1 serving):

  • 1 cup of a variety of your favorite fruit or whatever mom has in the fridge (berries are super yummy)
  • 1  cup of your favorite greek yogurt (vanilla or fruit flavored)
  • 1 t Agave nectar (the healthier alternative to sugar)
  •  ¼ t vanilla
  • Dash of cinnamon (optional- works best with berries)

Put the fruit in a bowl.  Add in the agave nectar, vanilla and cinnamon (optional).  Mix thoroughly.

Get a pretty bowl, glass or even a waffle bowl (for dessert) and put half of the yogurt on the bottom, then spoon half the fruit mixture over the top of the yogurt.  Repeat with the remaining yogurt and fruit making layers. Sprinkle with nuts or granola if you have some laying around.  Enjoy!


  1. Doris Taylor says:

    Woo Hoo…. Delaney!!! We are so happy and proud of you. And of course, you look amazingly beautiful doing what you love to do most…cooking. Thanks for sharing your awesome recipe. I’m sure Zack would love to try it. Keep up the great work in the kitchen and in spiriting your friends to eat healthy.

    Doris & Z

  2. Doris Taylor says:

    Woo Hoo….Delaney!! We are so proud of you. And of course, you look amazingly beautiful, doing what you love to do most…COOKING!! Thanks for sharing your awesome recipe. I’m sure Zack would love to try it. Keep up the great work in the kitchen and inspiring your friends to make healthy choices. :)

    Doris & Z

  3. Theresa Eichner says:

    My girls are going to love this recipe!! They are only toddlers but I am starting them young

  4. Kathy Waggoner says:

    I love your Fruit Yummie receipe Delaney. Great idea, encouraging your classmates to make healthier choices in snacks. Maybe we’ll see you on your own cooking show one day. Congratulations, on being chosen Handstand kid of the month, Delaney

    Kudos to Handstand Kids Blog for showcasing creative, talented children.

  5. Lynne McClure says:

    YAY Delaney! I think this is a fantastic program and am delighted to see kids involved in healthy cooking and food prep! Way to go Delaney :)

  6. Uncle RogerDodger says:

    my continually amazing babe…taking after family cooking talents…u go girl!

  7. Sharon says:

    Congrats Delaney. That is awesome. Can’t wait for you to make this for me!!!!

  8. Tanya Arnett says:

    I have three children all in sports and I am always looking for healthy snacks to get them through a practice or a game, I will be trying Delaney’s fruit ymminess. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lizz Grinsell says:

    Great job D. I love to cook too & so does my Lia. Maybe we can have a dinner party at my place & you girls can do all if the cooking. Keep it up & be creative. I hope you can share all of your great ideas with the whole school. That would be amazing. I am so proud if you!!! I think you should start your own kid friendly cooking blog. That would ROCK!!

  10. Cristi Harris says:

    Love the healthy programs you started at school! What a great way to make a difference. Can’t wait to try your Fruit Yumminess Recipe with my boys! :)

  11. Sandy Rowlett says:

    Wow Delaney!
    It looks like all of your fabulous lessons paid off last year in Room 28! Go rock kid’s nutrition! Mrs. Rowlett :)

  12. Heather says:

    GREAT job Delaney–your recipe sounds almost too pretty to eat!

  13. Delaney,

    This is so great I am going to put a link on our school website. I think it is wonderful the attention you are paying to healthy eating and also inspiring your friends to do the same.

    Good for you!

    Mrs. Harding

  14. Sharon Wilson says:

    Great recipe! What an inspiration you are for healthy eating. I am going to make this recipe to bring as a dessert for a dinner at a friend’s house that I am going to. Thanks Delaney!

  15. Deb Aanestad says:

    Delaney, we haven’t even met but because of how much your mom talks about you and your brother I feel like I’ve known you forever. I love your creativity and how you share with your class and your friends. You are really an inspiration to all of your friends and us adults too! KIeep up the GREAT work and I look forward to checking out whatever you do in the future.

  16. Lucy Aslanian says:

    Wow, What an inspirational story Delaney! I am going to definitely try your fruit parfait recipe and enjoy it with my five year old niece. Way to go and keep up your good work with your peers.

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