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Childhood Obesity

An infographic is a visually appealing representation of information. The infographic below was recently released by the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and shows some alarming statistics about childhood obesity. Did you know that one in five children are obese or overweight by the time that they enter school? Read on to find out more.

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Active Video Games Aren’t The Answer

Wow! We just read this shocking article on the NPR Health Blog, reporting that children who play “active video games” aren’t actually exercising more often.

A recent study done in Houston by Pediatrics journal, took 78 children between the ages of 9 and 12 and gave half “active” video games like Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Sports, while the other half were given “non-active” games like Madden.  Surprisingly, the study found that the children who were given the “active” games weren’t exercising any more than the children who weren’t playing active games.

The doctor leading the study had two possible explanations for why these kids weren’t engaging in exercise more.

  1. Because the children had already “exercised” while playing their games, they may have been less inclined to exercise later in the day.
  2. The children may not have exhibited a lot of effort while playing their games, and thus, weren’t staying very active.

He suggested that if these “active” video games had more of a story line, the kids playing them may be more inclined to work harder, and thus, exercise harder.

What are your thoughts?

America’s Struggle With Childhood Obesity

According to a recent report from CNN, the childhood obesity problem in the US is not getting any better.  In fact, not only are the students getting larger, but now furniture, clothing and more is expanding to support these children.

According to the CDC, 17% of children are obese and 1 in 3 kids are obese or overweight. We were terrified to see the report mention that the rate of childhood obesity has risen so much that pediatricians say growth charts no longer are applicable to today’s youth.

This article continues to describe new companies that sell adjustable desks for larger students, larger chair options and more.  Unfortunately offering these larger options to students often times leaves them feeling different and as if they’re being called out.

What do you think about the rising issue of childhood obesity?

Living Social Deal Isn’t Just About Groceries

Did you see the Living Social deal that ran yesterday (and ends today)? For $10, customers will get $20 worth of groceries at Whole Foods Market. While it’s a steal for customers, the deal isn’t just about grocery shopping. Whole Foods Market plans on giving $0.50 from each coupon sold to their Whole Kids Foundation, which works to fight childhood obesity.

Knowing this, would you be more inclined to spend the ten bucks? Read the full article here.