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5 Foods You Can Keep Around In 2012

We recently stumbled upon this WebMD article and were thrilled with the news we read! We know a lot of folks are trying to lose weight, get in shape and be healthy in the New Year; weight loss is always one of the New Year’s Resolutions leaders. But, according to the article, 5 typically thrown out foods actually aren’t so bad for you after all.

Consider keeping these around in 2012:

1. Beef – While cholesterol levels are tied to heart health (and heart disease is the number one killer of both sexes in the states), and beef is known to increase cholesterol, this actually isn’t true.  Try a lean beef, such as sirloin, for an equally heart-healthy balanced diet.

2. Roasted Nuts – Apparently roasted nuts are just as good for you as plain old nuts.  Just be sure to watch out for the salt content, because roasted nuts can be heavy on this.

3. Chocolate – Our personal favorite! Did you know that an ounce a day of chocolate can also can improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood flow.

4. Whole eggs – Contrary to popular belief, whole eggs aren’t dangerous to your heart’s health.  While they are heavy in cholesterol, the yolk contains powerful antioxidants that can keep the cholesterol from turning into a more harmful form.

5. Coffee – We all know that coffee has been blamed for a lot of our health woes, from cancer to heart disease. BUT, coffee was found to be the number one source of antioxidants that Americans consume.  Keep it up, US of A!

Hope you were as pleased with this knowledge as we were!