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Our Latest Craving

This weekend at the San Diego Gourmet Expo, we were surrounded by cupcake and cookie samples galore. This was heavenly, until we realized we had not eaten lunch at 3 pm. Hungry and short on time, we stumbled on the RISE BAR booth. They were nice enough to give us our own bar to try even though we were skeptical of energy bars that are often loaded with sugar and sometimes taste a little odd.

With RISE BAR, this was not the case. We LOVED these bars and got the protein boost we needed to finish the day. Sweetened with honey, agave, and fruit, and packed with nuts and seeds for protein and energy, RISE BARs are a great snack for moms to keep in their cars for hungry kids, keeping blood sugar levels in check between meals. And guess what, at the expo, a kid who was following us around tried one and loved it!

Check out RISE BAR’s website for ingredients, nutrition info, and more.

Yvette Takes San Diego By Storm

Yvette took a break from the Gourmet Expo this weekend and stopped by San Diego 6 Morning News.  Watch her cook her infamous Apple-licious Taquitos!

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