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Table Time with Challah Grilled Cheese

Even when you’re making something simple like our Challah Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup you can make every meal feel like an important one by setting and clearing the table. Kids can take the fact that they’re chefs one step further by pretending that they’re in a restaurant by setting and clearing the table. Handstand Kids love to cook in the kitchen so it’s important to teach them the proper etiquette for the entire meal. Starting out with simple tasks like setting the table teaches kids responsibility and is a task that even little hands can excel at.

These handy placemats from Kiki Creates are a great way to remind your kids of the proper way to set a table.

Allowing kids to clear the table may seem like too large of a task, but is also essential for forming good habits. If you think that your child is not old enough to handle the entire task of dishwashing, they can still help clear the table by bringing the dishes from the table to the sink. Settling them in with these new projects will ensure that your chefs learns that cooking is only part of creating a meal and time in the kitchen is not over until each dish is washed!

Celiac Awareness Month

We’ve talked about Celiac Disease and gluten free diets in another post, but did you know that May is totally devoted to Celiac Awareness?? This month we hope we can serve you up with great gluten free recipes, resources and tips and tricks!

To start, we’d love to share a gluten free dessert from the newest addition to our Handstand Kids series, Baking Around the World!

And don’t forget, all of the Passover desserts we share with you a few weeks ago, just so happen to be gluten free as well! Take a look back here!

Enjoy! If you have any gluten free tips, be sure to share them on our Facebook wall!

Chocolate Improves Health

So, chocolate can improve health and boost weight loss.  This is something we can get behind!  We learned about 10 terrific health benefits chocolate provides from this Huffington Post Healthy Living article and would like to share them with all of you!

  1. Chocolate decreases risk of stroke.
  2. Chocolate can boost heart health.
  3. Chocolate is filling!
  4. Chocolate may protect against Diabetes.
  5. Chocolate protects your skin.
  6. Chocolate can soothe bad coughs.
  7. Chocolate helps boost your mood!
  8. Chocolate improves blood flow.
  9. Chocolate can improve eyesight.
  10. Chocolate enhances brain activity.

Who’s craving chocolate now? We are!!

Go To Meals For Cooking On The Go

We all know that sometimes it’s just not possible to make an elaborate meal for the whole family.  We’ve compiled some of our favorite 5-minute (or something like that) meals that are easy to cook when you’re in a rush or on the go!

Most of our kiddos love turkey sandwiches, and need to eat more fruits! Try this Turkey Apple Melt Sandwich from Shape Magazine.

We especially love tostadas because everyone around the table can top his or her tostada with whatever he or she pleases! Check out these Black Bean Tostadas from Our Way To Eat.

This Toasted Ravioli from Discover Veggie looks delicious and SO easy to make! This looks totally doable with several other pastas, as well!

Any other thoughts? Be sure to post them on our Facebook wall!


Cooking For Food Allergies: Eggs

Is your child allergic to eggs? With all of the buzz surrounding food allergies, we wanted to highlight this very difficult allergy and a recipe or two that is egg free!

Egg allergies are difficult because eggs are used in many foods and meals and sometimes we aren’t even aware of this. When your child is allergic to eggs, their body’s immune system will overreact to the protein in these eggs. Reactions range from skin problems (rashes and more) to gastrointestinal issues, respiratory problems and in severe cases to anaphylaxis.

Here are some terrific egg alternatives from Kid’s Health:

  • 1 teaspoon baking powder + 1 tablespoon liquid + 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon yeast dissolved in ¼ cup warm water
  • 1½ tablespoons water + 1½ tablespoons oil + 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 packet gelatin + 2 tablespoons warm water (don’t mix until ready to use)
  • 1 tablespoon pureed fruit such as apricots or bananas
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed + 3 tablespoons water

For terrific eggless recipes, visit a favorite new-found site: Eggless Cooking. How good do these cupcakes look?!?

Do your kiddos have egg allergies? Share tips with us on our Facebook wall.

Healthy Foods To Fill You Up

We’re constantly struggling with finding the right snacks that will also keep us from continuously munching.  We found this article from Everyday Health featuring the 10 most filling healthy foods and wanted to share these with you!

  1. Sweet prunes – this high fiber food is a favorite or ours!
  2. Nuts – we love almonds and nuts of all kinds, but be sure to keep your intake to a minimum.
  3. Vegetables – you know we LOVE veggies.  They’re low in calories and super filling.
  4. Oatmeal – this is one of our favorite ways to start our day.
  5. Soup – eating soup before your entree, typically means you’ll eat less of your huge meal.
  6. Dips – eat a low cal dip like hummus with your veggies when snacking.
  7. Lean proteins – eating lean proteins will not only give you energy, but will keep you full longer.
  8. Beans and legumes – this high protein food is terrific for snacking and meals, alike.
  9. Potato skins – we absolutely love the high-fiber ‘tater skins! Plus they give our bakers an extra crunch.
  10. Fresh fruit – a bowl of berries or a whole peach, is a terrific healthy and rejuvenating snack.

What are your favorite healthy snacks? Tell us about it on our Facebook wall.

Kick The Chemicals To The Curb

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to the buzz surrounding the chemicals that are showing up in our food more and more.  Unfortunately, many (and most) of the foods we eat, contain preservatives or chemicals, and most of the containers or plastics they are stored in do as well.

Healthy Child Healthy World is an organization is based around the desire to empower and help parents to protect their children from these harmful chemicals. We found a terrific resource on their website, 5 Easy Steps, that gives terrific suggestions and rules of thumb for keeping your children chemical free in every aspect of their lives.

We’re especially interested in Step 4, which highlights how to avoid chemicals in your food and in your children’s food. Most importantly, the website notes preparing your own meals instead of buying pre-made or restaurant meals.  Naturally, we agree 100% and hope you and your family see the benefits in preparing and eating meals together as a family.

Does your family eat chemical free?  Let us know about it on our Facebook wall.

Time To Set The Table

Have you taught your little ones how to set the dinner table yet?  Not only is this a great educational opportunity, but it’s also the perfect way to get them involved in the family meal.

Once you’ve taught your little ones to set the table, they can take this task off of your hands.  We love this place mat from Parents Magazine that clearly shows where everything should be placed on the table.  Print yours out so your kids can start practicing today!


Food Allergy Information: Gluten

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about gluten free diets and gluten lately.

First, what is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in rye, wheat and barley.  Gluten is found in more than just breads, pastas, and wheat products.  In fact, gluten is often times used as a binder in sauces, dressings and more!

Are you interested in cooking for someone with gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease? Here are some of our favorite recipes:

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Peppermint Squares from GlutenFreeda.com. For instructions click here.

Chocolate Biscuit and Strawberries from Gluten Free Mommy. Click here for instructions.

Wondering how to make one of our meals gluten free?  Many of the meals within our Mexican Cookbook kit are gluten free by nature.  For some of our Chinese Cookbook kit meals, substitute Tamari (gluten free soy sauce) for your typical soy sauce. With our Italian recipes, substitute quinoa pastas and gluten free breads! Be sure to check all ingredients in our recipes and find a gluten free substitute to be sure your meal is 100% gluten free!

If you have more questions on which of our meals are already gluten free or how to make one of our recipes gluten free, post it on our facebook wall.

Happy cooking!


Do It Yourself Valentine’s

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, folks and we’re totally feeling the love!  Yesterday we sent out a Valentine’s Day email newsletter with lots of yummy holiday-themed treats to make with your kids!

Today we have another Valentine’s idea for you!  How about making Valentine’s with your little ones over the weekend?  Together you can make Valentine cards for their the whole classroom!

Here are a few of our favorites from across the web:

>Perfect Pairings Valentine from Disney Family. Click here for instructions!

Lollipop Greeting Valentine from Education.com. Click here for instructions!

Gift Bag Valentine from Delish. Click here for instructions!

Candy Bar Valentine from Better Homes and Gardens. Click here for instructions.

Additional tip: Make sure you know if there are any food allergies in your child’s classroom.  If there are, adjust the type of food Valentine you give accordingly.

If you end up making any of these Valentine’s Day cards with your kiddos, we’d love to see photos! Post them on our Facebook wall!