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Tips For A Tame Thanksgiving Tummy

Can you believe it?!? Thanksgiving is tomorrow! If you haven’t noticed by now, we just LOVE Turkey Day!  Thanksgiving is all about food, family and lounging around…and unfortunately, can sometimes involve tummy aches.

Here are some tips for making sure you and your little ones don’t feel the pain:

  • Only sample a small amount of your favorite dishes.  It’s not necessary to load up on any one thing when there are so many options around the table!
  • Enjoy a large breakfast (or lunch for the late holiday diners) with your family.  This will prep your bellies for the Turkey Meal to come.
  • Eat slowly. You’ll fill up faster and truly get to savor every bite!
  • Be sure to wait twenty to thirty minutes before going back for seconds.  You may end up being full and not needing that extra helping, after all.
  • Go for a leisurely walk as a family after the meal!

Have a great Thanksgiving meal! Gobble Gobble!